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Designer's Choice - Red Velvet

A custom design in shades of red, burgundy. and accent tones. Let our professional designers create the perfect arrangement for you using our freshest blooms in stock! These custom, unique, and one of a kind arrangements are perfect for any flower lover. Multiple sizes shown- choose your favorite!

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • Due to an increase in the cost of roses, some product prices may be impacted during the Valentine‚Äôs delivery period.

  • Small 7x7


  • Medium 10x10


  • Large 12x12


  • Extra Large 14x14


  • Grande 16x16


Small 7x7 - $75.00

Medium 10x10 - $90.00

Large 12x12 - $125.00

Extra Large 14x14 - $150.00

Grande 16x16 - $175.00