QG Floral & Landscape


Assess Property

Considering enhancing the mood in your workspace this holiday season? Our team of holiday décor experts will have you looking festive in no time! The first step in our creative process is to see the space and visualize the possibilities.

Custom Design

We create custom holiday décor for each of our clients and thoughtfully design what would look best and fit into the space. We consider every detail and believe that our attention to that detail brings out the best in our holiday designs for our clientele.


Our team arrives at your space and installs the décor. By the time they leave everything is brighter and sparkling with a little bit of holiday magic. And you didn’t even lift a finger. Now that is true holiday magic!

Breakdown and Store

At the end of the holiday season, our team arrives fully equipped to carefully dismantle the décor. We package every item carefully and store in our warehouse to ensure that your décor is in pristine condition and ready to install the following year.

Tis the season to take your corporate holiday decor to the next level!