QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

Posted by Carly Anechiarico on July 19, 2023 Uncategorized

60 Reasons to Send Brilliant Blooms to Friends, Family, and Partners

Flowers shouldn’t only be reserved for holidays or significant milestones. Here at QG Floral, the premier florist in New York City & Long Island, we champion the idea of spreading positivity with enchanting blooms “just because.” Every day offers unique opportunities to convey feelings of joy, love, appreciation, or comfort — and flowers do this beautifully. Whether it’s the romantic aura of roses, the cheerful radiance of sunflowers, or the deep sincerity of hydrangeas, every bloom tells a story through the language of flowers. With the right card message, your spontaneous floral gift can turn any day into a celebration. While there’s an infinite number of reasons to send flowers, here are 60 instances reminding you that you don’t need a holiday to share a heartening bouquet of blooms.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. You have a birthday coming up
  2. You can’t wait another six months until Valentine’s Day
  3. You’re recovering from a successful surgery
  4. Your patience was stretched thin this week by the kids
  5. You’re celebrating the anniversary of your first date
  6. You’re a little tired from planning the wedding of the century
  7. Instead of waiting for your partner, you hung the new curtain rods and curtains to surprise them
  8. You ran your first marathon after training for a full-year
  9. You’ve successfully quit smoking
  10. You surprised them with a special tropical vacation
  11. You’re preparing for their family to come over for a big dinner
  12. It’s time to put the argument behind you and say “I’m sorry”
  13. You know flowers will look spectacular in your newly remodeled home
  14. You’re feeling great relief after your doctor’s appointment
  15. You like to feel loved every single day

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They lovingly carried you for nine months
  2. They raised you to face challenges head-on with confidence
  3. They sent you a generous monetary gift after you purchased your first home
  4. They made multiple delicious dinners during their last visit
  5. They welcomed a new dog into the family
  6. With all of her kids out of the house, Mother’s Day didn’t feel the same for Mom this year
  7. Father’s Day passed by without much celebration
  8. They moved closer to the beach
  9. Their last doctor’s appointment was full of positive news
  10. They just published their first post on Threads
  11. They’re proud of themselves for figuring out how to set up their new smart TV
  12. They planned the most thoughtful family vacation
  13. They’re back home after recreating their cherished honeymoon
  14. You want to bring them joy
  15. It’s a sweet way to remind them of your endless love and appreciation

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. You want to celebrate The Bachelor season finale
  2. After years of trying, they’ve become a mom
  3. You can’t stop thinking about the final season of Firefly Lane on Netflix
  4. They bought a new house in your neighborhood
  5. After years of living in the same apartment building, they purchased a house outside the city
  6. It’s time to send them a bouquet of their birth flower for their birthday
  7. Their partner asked, and they said, “Yes!”
  8. They eloped!
  9. They’re embracing their true identity
  10. They recently lost a loved one
  11. You want to make amends after having an argument
  12. They accomplished a challenging fitness goal
  13. You’ll be attending the grand opening of their new business
  14. They’re on the road to recovery after a successful surgery
  15. You can’t imagine your life without them

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. It hasn’t been your day
  2. It’s been a simple, easy, and peaceful day
  3. You didn’t get enough rest last night and could use a burst of fresh energy
  4. You’ve been clearing your entire inbox each day
  5. Your boss hinted that a promotion is coming your way after reviewing your report
  6. You’re learning a new language and starting to put together full sentences
  7. You finished writing the first chapter of your debut novel
  8. You’ve overcome procrastination and successfully finished that lingering project
  9. Even when provoked, you kept your cool during a political conversation
  10. You’ll be hosting Sunday brunch with friends
  11. You feel good about donating your time to help those in need
  12. Despite the many challenges, you’re excelling at being a single parent
  13. Hearing “Flowers” on the radio feels like a personal message to you
  14. You want to take full advantage of every summertime moment, down to the sweet fragrance of flowers
  15. Your favorite flowers were on display at the best local floral shop

By choosing the most radiant flower bouquet you can find, every day can be a reason to enjoy fresh blooms “just because.” At QG Floral, we aim to transform every average day into a stunning celebration.