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QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

Posted by Carly Anechiarico on March 16, 2023 Uncategorized

A Guide to Choosing Mother’s Day Blooms for Your Unique Mom

Mother’s Day is the ideal time to celebrate and honor the cherished moms in our lives who have nurtured us, supported us, and loved us unconditionally, no matter what. Every mom is unique in her own way, just like flowers, and each deserves a dazzling bouquet of blooms to recognize her beauty, tenacity, and strength. Here at QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike, the top flower shop in Oceanside, New York, we want to honor all of the awesome moms in your life with arrangements that speak to their passions, personalities, and one-of-a-kind qualities. After all, there is no better woman than the wonderful “her” to be your mom.

The Superhero Mom

She juggles countless tasks, to-do-lists, responsibilities, and challenges with grace, competence, and poise. She always holds it all together, no matter what kind of situations are thrown her way. Like a ranunculus bloom, whose many layers create a polished and sophisticated appearance, your mom has the envious knack of always looking right on point while keeping the ship on course. The ranunculus also symbolizes charm, grace, radiance, and elegance, making it the perfect option for your superhero mom.

The Outdoorsy Mom

If your mom has an adventurous spirit, loves spending time in the great outdoors, and is always up for a long walk in the woods, she embodies a garden rose. These lovely blooms epitomize a love of nature and the beauty of its innate simplicity. They are strong and resilient, just like your outdoorsy mom, and their natural charm and allure will make her feel appreciated, loved, and more this Mother’s Day.

The Artistic Mom

Artistic mothers are creative, bold, and always inspiring everyone around them. They have a passion for life, a discerning eye, and a profound appreciation for the wondrous visual world that they inhabit. Anthuriums are the perfect blooms for this type of mom, with their bright, bold petals resembling the shape of a classic painter’s palette. They also represent hospitality and happiness, the feelings that the artistic mom evokes in others. Celebrate your artsy mama this Mother’s Day with the same joy she brings to both your life and those of others with breathtaking anthuriums.

The Sports Mom

Sports moms are forever and always on the go, cheering on their kids at home and away games, supplying the team with refreshing slices of citrus, and running around town in their minivan. Hydrangeas, then, are the perfect blossom for your sport-loving mom — their white, round, puffy blooms uncannily resemble baseballs, soccer balls, baseballs, and all the others that bounce around in the trunk of their vehicle. Hydrangeas also signify gratitude and understanding, making them an ideal way to show mom you’re grateful for her.

The CEO Mom

Your CEO mom is successful, ambitious, driven, and always in control of the situation. Orchids are the perfect fit for this spirited mom, representing refinement, poise, beauty, and perfection. Orchids are also associated with strength and success, making them ideal for celebrating all your mother has accomplished in her both her career and in motherhood. An exquisite orchid displayed elegantly in a vase on her desk will be a constant reminder of her achievements — and of course, the love and admiration of those who appreciate her.

Whether you have the superhero mom, the artistic mom, or the CEO mom, every mama deserves an custom arrangement of flowers to honor her love, capability, and compassion. So, this Mother’s Day, get the perfect blooms at Flowers By Mike to show the moms in your life how much you love them!