QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

Posted by Carly Anechiarico on September 18, 2023 Uncategorized

Five Frightening and Spellbinding Stems to Celebrate Spooky Season

When the world shifts into the eerie twilight of spooky season, we invite you to explore the unknown. At QG Floral, the top flower shop in New York City & Long Island, we’re uncovering the otherworldly beauty this season has to offer. From frightening flowers with spooky symbolism to stems with connections to eerie legends or blooms with monstrous appearances, journey beyond the cute pumpkins and dancing skeletons for haunting Halloween decor.

Proteas From Another Realm

Channel the spirit of Halloween’s transformation and mythological legends by featuring proteas in your seasonal decor. Their monstrous and ominous appearance adds an unsettling elegance to any haunted home. Named after the mystical and elusive shapeshifter, Proteus, the son of Poseidon, proteas encapsulate the essence of transformation in both their symbolism and appearance. Whether a spiky-crown king protea or a spiny-nest pin cushion protea, these flowers blossom in a range of shapes and autumnal colors, including red, fuchsia, orange, and yellow.

Marigolds Have Potent Spiritual Energy

On the surface, marigolds appear vibrant, warm, and joyful, with yellow and orange hues that mimic an autumn sunset. They are powerful spiritual conduits used in Dia De Los Muertos ceremonies to help guide spirits and traveling souls from the afterlife back to their earthly homes and living loved ones. With undertones of dark emotions like cruelty, jealousy, and grief, one should never underestimate the power of marigolds.

Oxblood Dahlias Add a Dark Intensity

If your Halloween decor is destined to be as bewitching as it is beautiful, oxblood dahlias are the magic ingredient. With petals that blossom in hues that could rival the richest of rubies—or a vampire’s preferred drink—they’re hauntingly luxurious. Their complex petal designs echo the intricacies of a spider’s home, adding a spine-tingling touch to any arrangement. Oxblood dahlias represent life’s darker facets by carrying intense symbolism, such as the transition between life cycles.

Spider Mums Resemble Creepy Crawly Creatures

Spider mums are as eerie as they are beautiful. With long, skinny, tubular petals that stretch out like spider legs, ready to crawl their way through a dark enchanted forest, they certainly amp up the creep factor. Like most chrysanthemum types, spider mums can be found in an array of autumnal shades and represent immortality, remembrance, and longevity. While it may seem like each petal of a spider mum whispers a secret from the other side, they are actually believed to be floral talismans able to protect us from sinister spirits and evil energies.

Deep Purple Calla Lilies Add Mystery and Elegance

Dark plum calla lilies are elegant blooms with eye-catching petals that carry a shroud of mystery. Each flower offers a long trumpet-shaped petal that adds a mysterious silhouette to a spooky season bouquet. Nicknamed “jewels of the night,” purple calla lilies are symbols of change, from seasons to life cycles, and in some cultures, honor loved ones who have passed on. Sparking curiosity and inspiring us to explore the deeper meanings behind All Hallow’s Eve is hidden inside the alluring petals of purple calla lilies.

Light the black flame candles, draw the curtains, and bring home some ghostly blooms. Fresh fall flowers from QG Floral are perfect companions for a night of Halloween frights and delights.