QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

Posted by Carly Anechiarico on October 11, 2023 Uncategorized

For Kids and Adults That Have Everything, an Experience Gift is Simply Perfect

As December unfurls its festive spirit with twinkling lights and holiday melodies, it’s time to search for the perfect presents to celebrate the season of giving with friends and family. With experience gifts increasing in popularity, there’s also a timeless charm in celebrating the holidays with nature’s finest—flowers, and the combination of the two is a brilliant holiday event waiting to be enjoyed by everyone on your list. This year, QG Floral, the best florist in New York City & Long Island, is shining a bright spotlight on floral design classes. Flower workshops and design classes are gateways to cherished moments and lasting memories, from parents bonding over fresh centerpieces to children marveling at their first bouquets and friends creating new traditions one petal at a time. This year, gift floral experiences that keep on blooming long after the holidays have passed.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

For moms and parents who seem to have everything except a spare moment for themselves, the gift of a floral arrangement class is exactly what they’re missing. Whether they enjoy a regularly scheduled class at your local flower shop or you coordinate a fun experience for their friends to join, it’s the gift of a few hours to unplug and escape from the usual holiday hustle. Being surrounded by fresh seasonal blooms with colorful petals and soothing scents is enough to melt away their stress, but inviting them to get creative designing a holiday centerpiece, festive wreath, or seasonal bouquet is sure to transport them to serenity. You never know; perhaps a design class will even inspire a new favorite hobby.

Experiences to Gift Friends

There’s no reason to buy a present for every single friend when you can host your own floral design class, leaving each attendee with their own bright and blooming creation. Complete the festive event with seasonal cocktails, delicious mocktails, and yummy holiday snacks. Put on some tunes and get to work creating winter bouquets or flower crowns and matching accessories you can wear all night long. Whether you’re a natural designer or just here for the fun, this is the kind of experience gift that doesn’t end up returned or regifted. Rather, it can become an annual holiday season tradition among your friend circle.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Floral design workshops stand out as an exceptional holiday gift idea for kids, too. Offering far more than a fleeting moment of joy, these hands-on sessions allow young minds to delve deep into their creativity while forging a genuine bond with Mother Nature. As they navigate the art of arranging petals and leaves, from crafting intricate floral art and assembling bouquets to designing wearable flower pieces, kids will have the opportunity to make gifts for friends, family, or teachers, or treasures for themselves. It’s not just a workshop; it’s a gateway to exploration and artistry.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

It’s about time you shake up the typical holiday office party. Instead of mediocre Secret Santa gifts and generic punch in the break room, opt for a succulent garden or terrarium workshop that the whole company can attend. In addition to being a fun and unique activity, these workshops build team bonds, encourage laughter and camaraderie, and offer each participant a living, breathing piece of decor that is simply perfect for an office desk. Beyond boosting productivity, encouraging innovation, and enhancing air quality, succulent gardens and plant terrariums are low-maintenance. The best part of all is you’ll end the festive season feeling closer than ever to your coworkers.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

The only thing better than receiving a beautiful arrangement of seasonal blooms is creating one with your partner by your side. Select flowers that light up your eyes, opt for a design that you both love, and let your creativity feed off one another. While working together on a fresh project, you’re bound to learn something new about your partner, whether it’s their eye for color combinations or their knack for arranging stems. What you’ll end up with is a bouquet that tells a love story through seasonal petals and greenery.

There’s no one-size-fits-all gift, but a floral design class comes pretty close. With QG Floral, you’ll find the ultimate gift to share the joy and fragrance of the season.
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