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QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

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How to Keep the Spark Ignited All August Long for Romance Month

Why is August the National Romance Month?

That’s right! August is National Romance Month, and Romance Awareness Day is August 14th – exactly six months from Valentine’s Day. National Romance Month serves as a prompt to check in on your relationship; it’s also a reminder to celebrate love and intimacy with your partner throughout the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. The timing couldn’t be better as August is nestled between the winding down of summer vacations and activities and the wind-up to the Holiday season. It’s a moment of respite and the perfect month to focus on your relationship.

How to Observe National Romance Month

Use this time to take a pause in your busy life to appreciate your partner, show gratitude, and enjoy the closeness and companionship you have. Do this by making an effort to be more romantic and create special moments that will reaffirm your love for each other. For inspiration on romantic activities to do during National Romance Month, keep reading! The romance and flower experts at QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike are happy to share our top romantic tips, ideas, and flowers to keep your love burning bright.

Beautiful and lush design of blooms including hydrangea, roses, orchids & more.


Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Romance Month

Picture of young man surprising woman with flowers

Bring Home a Bouquet of Gorgeous, Fresh Flowers

Love, passion, romance, faith, affection, devotion, refinement, luxury, adoration, loyalty, sincerity, and gratitude are just a few things that flowers can symbolize. When selecting the perfect arrangement to celebrate Romance Month, turn to the language of flowers so you can send a meaningful message wrapped up in an alluring and breathtaking floral bouquet. Pick stems like roses, violets, sunflowers, lilacs, daisies, larkspur, alstroemeria, and orchids to sweep your significant other off their feet.

Enjoying a great comedy. A couple laughing and watching a movie together at the cinema.

See a Comedy Show

Go out on the town and attend a comedy show together. This is a phenomenal way to switch things up, laugh together, and bring joy into your lives. As you sit back, relax, and chuckle in unison, you can actually strengthen the connection between each other.

Senior Couple Having Fun In Busy Bar

See a Live Band

Nothing beats live music, whether at a local bar or a big concert venue. Grab your partner by the hand and lead them to the dancefloor to sing and groove to some good music together. Perhaps you’ll both fall in love all over again to a new tune and discover a song that will remind you of one another.

Happy couple is hiking in mountain.

Do Something Adventurous

There are so many activities that involve a little risk and a daredevil streak. With your significant other by your side, tackle these adventure activities like skydiving, parasailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, or riding a tall rollercoaster. This could be an exhilarating way to form a deeper connection and strengthen your trust in one another.

Young beautiful winemaker couple tasting wine

Go to a Wine Tasting Event

If you and your significant other enjoy a nice bottle of wine now and then, visiting a few local vineyards and wineries sounds like a dreamy weekend date. Map out a few places you both want to try and spend a romantic day sipping reds, whites, and blushes while you catch up on each other’s lives.

Stay Connected With Romantic Gestures

You can do something every day during Romance Month to ensure your partner feels special, appreciated, and loved. While planning a date for every day of the month is unattainable for most people, simple things like saying “I love you” more often will make your significant other feel heard and seen. Fill this August with romance just by the little things you do and say.

Small Romantic Gestures that Make a BIG Impact:

  • Holding hands
  • Leaving love notes
  • Watching a movie together
  • Checking in with each other during the day
  • A daily “good morning” kiss
  • Saying “good night” every night
  • A shoulder rub
  • Flowers “just because”


Embrace Romance

Being romantic isn’t always about fancy dinners and epic weekend dates. It is also about embracing the little moments throughout the day and taking every chance to remind your significant other how loved they are. From celebrating the big romantic occasions like anniversaries to honoring romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day and Romance Month and making your partner feel special “just because,” QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike is here with fresh and fantastic floral bouquets.

“Flowers don’t tell, they show.”

Turn up the heat this Romance Month