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QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike

Posted by Peter Zuccarello on March 29, 2021 | Last Updated: March 18, 2022 Uncategorized

Uplifting Blooms to Send to Someone in the Hospital

If you have ever wondered where the beautiful tradition of sending get-well flowers came from, you can thank the Victorian Era. In the 1800’s it was uncommon for people to verbally express their deep-felt feelings. Instead, they relied on various flowers with specific symbolism as a way to convey their emotions. This gesture still continues today with people sending get-well flowers to loved ones in the hospital that express their thoughts of  “get well soon,” “stay positive,” “keep fighting,” or simply “I love you.”

Light, lovely, and set to surprise and delight your recipient with it's bright blooms, this flower bouquet speaks to the magic that each day holds. Brilliant yellow Asiatic Lilies are surrounded by hot pink roses, pink carnations, yellow solidago, and lush greens, beautifully arranged in a classic clear glass vase to create a gift that exudes warmth and happiness.

Bright and Beautiful

Tips on Choosing Get-Well Flowers

Sending get-well flowers can be a little more involved than just sending a beautiful bouquet of blooms. There are a few things to consider when sending flowers to a hospital setting. Take a look at this list as you decide which flowers are best.

  1. Choose flowers that are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Low-maintenance varieties will mean that your loved one will be able to enjoy the flowers more as they put their time and energy into fully recovering. Long-lasting varieties mean they will be able to take them home with them from the hospital.
  2. Choose flowers that are allergy-free. Be respectful of the idea that many hospital professionals and staff will be in and out of your patient’s room and the likelihood of someone having allergies to flowers is high. Choose hypoallergenic blooms that will not cause the allergy-prone to suffer. Orchids, carnations, and chrysanthemums are great options.
  3. Choose flowers that are bright and happy. Colorful, happy designs are a must when sending get-well flowers. They will encourage a speedy recovery and cheer your loved one’s spirit.
  4. Choose flowers that come in durable containers. Flowers that arrived in sturdy containers will be less likely to create a hazard in a tight, cramped hospital room. Choose containers in durable plastic, sturdy wood, or woven baskets for a safe option.
  5. Choose flowers in smaller arrangements. Larger blooms are beautiful but they also take up a lot of space, which is at a premium in a hospital room. Make sure you choose flowers, like our Free Spirit that will not overwhelm the room or get in the way of medical equipment or busy medical professionals.
Pink calla lilies, oragen roses, purply hydrageao and greenery in glass vase

Free Spirit

Tips on Sending Meaningful Wishes with Flowers

For centuries flowers have symbolized particular meaning depending on the variety and colors you choose. Send a particular message to your friend or loved one depending on the flowers you choose and what they symbolize. Here’s a list of a few popular get-well flowers and what they mean.

  • Hydrangea: Full, round blooms in pastel colors communicate messages of perseverance.
  • Daisies: Sweet and happy, these blooms are a great symbol of all things cheerful and positive.
  • Roses: These beautifully classic blooms symbolize anything from love and care to wishes for a bright future.
  • Heather: Dark blue or purple blooms on this low-growing plant are known for their messages of good luck and protection.
  • Daffodils: These cheerful yellow blooms with cup-like blossoms represent new beginnings and eternal life.
  • Peonies: Bright, ruffly blooms in bright shades symbolize healing, good health, and happy life.

Once you’ve chosen your specific get-well flowers, it’s time to send them to the hospital. Talk to the hospital facility first to make sure of their preferred delivery times and that flowers can be sent to your patient’s floor. Convey that information, along with the hospital‘s full name and address and your patient’s full name and room number to your florist to ensure a quick, speedy delivery. At QG Floral + Landscape / Flowers by Mike, our professionals are happy to create, design, and deliver your beautiful flowers to your friend or loved one in a timely, efficient manner. Let us help you take the guesswork out of sending get-well flowers.

For sample Get Well messages to include with your flowers, or tips on how to write the perfect Get Well message, visit our Card Messaging page.