Summer Flowers

Celebrate the season with fresh-cut summer blooms.

Favorites in Summer Flowers

Cool down with a hot bouquet from QG Floral & Landscape! Order summer flowers online or call us today for a custom creation. Same-day delivery is available to Manhattan, Queens, and all of Long Island. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Sending summer flowers from QG Floral on Long Island is a delightful way to embrace the season's vibrant energy and warm spirit. With their bright colors and intoxicating fragrances, summer flowers are perfect for celebrating everything from birthdays and anniversaries to simply enjoying the long, sunny days. QG Floral’s selection includes a wide array of summer blooms, from sun-drenched sunflowers and elegant dahlias to fragrant lavender and playful daisies, each arrangement bursting with life and color.

The symbolism of summer flowers is as varied as their hues. Sunflowers, for instance, signify adoration and loyalty, reflecting the sun’s enduring presence throughout the season. With their complex petals, Dahlias stand for dignity and innovation, making them a thoughtful gift for someone embarking on new ventures. Lavender, known for its calming scent, represents serenity and grace, ideal for sending a message of relaxation and well-being. QG Floral expertly curates each bouquet to capture the essence of summer, ensuring that every arrangement looks stunning and carries a meaningful message. Whether you're sending flowers to express love, gratitude, or congratulations, QG Floral’s summer collection is designed to bring joy and enhance the celebratory mood of any occasion. With their commitment to quality and a deep understanding of floral symbolism, QG Floral is the go-to choice for sending a slice of Long Island summer to someone special.

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