Memorial Day

Old Glory's colors reflected in bold red, white and blue designs.

Favorites in Memorial Day

Show appreciation for their service with patriotic flowers this Memorial Day. Order online or call for personalized red, white, and blue arrangements from QG Floral & Landscape, your local Long Island flower shop.

Honoring loved ones on Memorial Day with flowers is a profoundly thoughtful and respectful gesture that serves as a tribute to those who have passed, particularly veterans and service members. Flowers symbolize the beauty of life and the transience of human existence, making them a poignant emblem for remembering and celebrating the lives of those who made significant sacrifices. On Memorial Day, floral tributes at gravesites, memorials, or family gatherings help convey honor, respect, and remembrance, fostering a sense of connection and continuing legacy. QG Floral & Landscape on Long Island is an exemplary choice for sourcing Memorial Day floral arrangements. Known for their dedication to quality and exquisite floral designs, QG Floral excels in creating beautiful and meaningful arrangements. Whether you're looking for traditional wreaths, which symbolize eternal life, or customized floral arrangements featuring patriotic themes with red, white, and blue flowers, QG Floral offers a wide range of options to suit any personal preference or specific tribute.

QG Floral's deep understanding of the symbolic meanings of flowers ensures that each arrangement is thoughtfully crafted with sensitivity and care. Their commitment to exceptional service makes them a trusted partner in helping individuals and families express their sentiments on this solemn day. By choosing QG Floral, you can be confident that your floral tributes will be handled with the utmost respect and professionalism, appropriately honoring the memory of those who have served and sacrificed.

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