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Send a long-lasting reminder of your condolences. QG Floral & Landscape offers a selection of plants that are appropriate for sending to the funeral home. Browse online or call today.

Sending sympathy plants and gifts from QG Floral on Long Island is a compassionate and thoughtful way to express condolences and offer comfort during grief. Sympathy plants provide a lasting reminder of support, bringing a sense of peace and the beauty of nature into the homes of those mourning. QG Floral offers a refined selection of plants that are not only elegant but also imbued with meaning, suitable for expressing heartfelt sympathies. Among the most popular options are peace lilies, known for their serene white flowers, which symbolize the rebirth of the departed's soul and peace for the grieving. Orchids, another choice, convey eternal love and can be a beautiful testament to the enduring bond with a loved one. These plants are presented in tasteful containers that complement any home decor, ensuring they are ready to be displayed as a focal point of remembrance.

In addition to plants, QG Floral curates sympathy gift baskets that can provide a comforting presence during difficult times. These baskets may include gourmet teas, soothing candles, and artisan chocolates, carefully selected to offer solace and respite. Sending a sympathy plant or a thoughtfully arranged gift basket from QG Floral reflects a deep level of care and consideration, helping to convey condolences in a dignified and respectful manner.

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